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African Orphanages

Refuge House Orphanage – An orphanage in the Ivory Coast.

Refuge House opened in February 2003 as a home for street girls who are taken in and given basic education and vocational training in sewing, cooking, and crocheting.  In November 2005 we expanded the home to include children ages newborn to 18.  Here children who have lost parents due to AIDS, War, or just Poverty and illness, receive a loving home, an education and medical treatment.  There are currently 20 children in the home. Director - Esther Krebo

Orphanage in Ivory Coast

Casa Emanuel - Two Orphanages in Guinea-Bissau.

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Here the children are ages newborn to 18. The children here who lost parents due to AIDS, death in childbirth or just poverty and illness, will receive a loving home, education and medical treatment. We have about 155 children in residence, a K-12 school and a hospital on the grounds. We purchased land in March of 2009 and have opened a second orphanage that operates as a training farm for boys age 12-18. Currently there are 15 boys in the program.  We are currently building a home for handicap children that we hope to open in January 2017. Director - Dr. Isabel Johanning-Mora

Canaan Centers - Three Orphanages in Ivory Coast.

Canaan Center's children range from the ages of newborn to 18. These children are taken in from the streets and markets or brought to us when their mother dies in childbirth. Some are orphans who have lost parents to AIDS or war. The original Canaan Center orphanage started in the city of Abidjan and has 21 children, one  located in the west countryside of Ivory Coast, West Africa in a village called Saioua with 15 children, and a third in the village of Kotobi with 10 children.  Director - Jeanne Zonde

Brother's Field - An Orphanage in Guinea-Bissau.

Brother's Field is a unique orphanage that prepares the children to live in African jungle villages as pastors, school teachers or medical personnel. There are currently 35 children living in the orphanage there; ages 7 – 24. They have a school and medical clinic in the town of Quebo. A school in the village of Crossroads and one in the village of Djati. We serve about 500 children thru the schools.  Directors - Fredy and Raquel Schafer.

The children in all these homes are taught the principles of the Christianity through lifestyle examples and Bible lessons.

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